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Consent management for visual media

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Start protecting the privacy of your visitors right away
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Benefits of using Prosent

Paper free

Stop printing the paper forms and manage all your data in one single app. All you need is your phone.

Time saving

Save countless hours on consent administration. Now it takes a few clicks only.

Cost saving

Collect consents easy and quickly. Save your money and let the software work for you.

Meets the right for anonymity

Do your attendees wish to stay anonymous? Anonymize people on photos that did not consent.

Compliance with regulations

Generate your Privacy Policy on 1 click or upload your own.

Sharing of photos with consent

Do not worry about publishing pictures. Share the ones with consent only.

How does it work?

How does Prosent work - Infographics
How does Prosent work - Infographics

Who is it for?

Event organizers

Whether you organize small business events or large festivals or conferences. Prosent is here to help you.


With prosent you don't have to carry and store hundreds of consents forms in your bag. All you need is your phone.


Easily collect parent consents for publishing photos.


You can contact us via the form below or at