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# Prosent Organizer App

Prosent Organizer App is a cross-platform application to protect the privacy of people appearing on photos that you store and publish on your devices, websites and social media.

# Visitor

Person interacting with Kiosk.

# User

Any person that interacts with our apps and websites.

# Client

A User of the Prosent Organizer App.

# Privacy Policy

A privacy policy is a legal document outlying how an organization collects, processes and stores personal information entered into a system. By the term Privacy Policy we mean a legal document (to be) entered into the Prosent Organizer App by a Client, that also specifies the data which can be obtained and processed in a structured manner.

# Privacy Policy Consent Option

By Privacy Policy Consent Option (or short Consent Option) we mean a statement, with which a User can agree, that confirms certain aspects of a Privacy Policy. A Consent Option can be either required or optional. Required Consent Options have to be accepted by the User in order to process any personal data of the User. Optional Content Options further extend the Consent of a User (f.i. Newsletter lists or marketing usage of non anonymized photos).

# Consent Data

The personal data of a User which is being collected together with their Consent. Consent Data is a collection of structured data entries consisting of the key (f.i. “Date of Birth”, “Photo”, “Favourite Pizza”, “Address”, … ) and the type (f.i. “Date”, “Photo”, “Text”, “Address”, … ). Collecting data in a structured way allows the Client to automate processing tasks (f.i. exports to to CRM systems, sending postcards to attendees) and us to display optimized forms in Kiosks.

# Consent

The acceptance of all required Privacy Policy Options of a Privacy Policy by a person.

# Profile

An entry created in the Prosent Organizer App that represents a single legal entity (physical person, company, NGO, …) within the Prosent Organizer App. A Profile is also the base for Profile Assets. Multiple Accounts can have access to a single Profile.

# Profile Assets

Privacy Policies, Consents, Photos, Events and Kiosks associated with a Profile

# Account

An account of a physical person created in the Prosent Organizer App. The unique identifier for an Account is an email address of the person.

# Photo

An image uploaded in the Prosent Organizer App with the purpose of identifying and anonymizing the people on this image.

# Kiosk

The interface in the Prosent Organizer App that allows Users to grant their Consent to a Privacy Policy. Kiosks also allow them to choose their preferred Consent Options and input their Consent Data.

# Event

An entry (to be) created in the Prosent Organizer App, that represents a single real-life event. Events are also the proper place to collect Consents for multiple Profiles.

# Event Assets

Consents, Photos and Kiosks associated with a single Event. Consents associated with an Event are only applicable to the Photos and Integrations associated with the same Event and will not be available on Photos and Integrations associated with other Events.

# Integration

A connection to an external system for either automatically importing data into the Prosent Organizer App (f.i. Ticketing systems to check tickets on entry) or automatically exporting data from the Prosent Organizer App (f.i. Extending email lists, Publishing anonymized photos on social media).